When international communication is live, you need someone who is
fluent in both parties’ languages. An interpreter is vital to communicating
your words and those of the people you speak with in order to achieve
goals and facilitate progress. That’s where Tower comes in.


Our translation price is competitive, at $.09-$.12 per source word for any and all registers, from business to medical terms to education and advertising. Contact us for a quote, send your material, and we’ll have it translated in a timely fashion.


Certified translations are typically required when submitting foreign documents, such as birth certificates and legal transcripts, to a court of law. These translations leave our office with a statement signed and notarized by our company affirming the translation’s accuracy.

How We Help

Our interpreters are fast-thinking live translators that, with the help of modern technology, can join meetings anywhere in the world over the internet. Friendly and effective, let our interpreters aid you in your live foreign communications.


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