We work with all clients to understand their brand’s tone and voice. This allows our clients to talk their talk on a global scale and in multiple localized dialects.


Our translation price is competitive, at $.09-$.12 per source word for any and all registers, from business to medical terms to education and advertising. Contact us for a quote, send your material, and we’ll have it translated in a timely fashion.


Certified translations are typically required when submitting foreign documents, such as birth certificates and legal transcripts, to a court of law. These translations leave our office with a statement signed and notarized by our company affirming the translation’s accuracy.

Are you in need of professional translation help?

Marketing is a mix of Place, Product, Promotion and Price: your company has to choose the right Place to sell the right Product with the help of some Promotions, at the right Price. That is your business!

Nevertheless, if your company wants to reach a new target audience abroad and adapt its message, translation has become essential in today's global economy. Tower Linguistics can help you by translating your message and your content! Translation is our business!


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